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We included this page to give us somewhere to share various tidbits of information about vehicles and their repair and maintenance. Check back from time to time as we change the content on this page fairly regularly.

Oil Change Intervals - Date or Mileage

The common recommendation by automakers and service centers is to preform the oil change at whichever interval comes first, whether it's the mileage or recommended date. Even if it's only been two months, while the sticker say three months, if you've racked up enough miles to surpass the mileage recommendation, it's time for an oil change. Oil change intervals aren't an exact science, as many factors affect the oil's lubrication life - engine condition, dirt, contamination, engine temperature and driving style - so always follow the manufacturer's recommendation.

The average oil change recommendation we see on new cars is around five months or 5,000 miles - some more, some less; refer to your owner's manual and try not to exceed the outlined date or mileage to keep your engine healthy.

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