Brake Repair:

ASE CertifiedYour Brakes Are Probably the MOST Important Part of Your Vehicle.

car and truck brake system


Brakes are something that most people take for granted...until they fail anyway. Properly functioning brakes can literally mean the difference between life and death. We strongly recommend having them checked regularly or at the first sign of trouble.


Brake systems on todays cars and trucks are more complicated then ever. With the addition of anti-lock brake systems and traction control to help keep you safer comes the added complexity of an array of sensors and computer controlled components to make sure everything works as designed.

Common Symptoms of Brake Problems:

  • Squeaking or Squealing (see note below)
  • Vibration or Shudder on Braking
  • Brake Warning Light On
  • ABS Light On
  • Pulling to Right or Left
  • Vehicle Takes Longer to Stop
  • Black Dust on Wheels (see note below)
  • Brakes Lock Up When Depressing Pedal
  • Excessive Force Required on Pedal
  • Low Brake Fluid Level

Squeaky Brakes — Although some squeaking or squealing is pretty normal (especially in wet or changing weather conditons), if it persists it should be checked just in case. Many vehicles have squealer tabs on the brake pads to alert you that they are due for replacement. Better safe than sorry...

Brake Dust — Some dust appearing on your wheels is normal as the brakes work by friction and create a little bit of dust every time they are applied. However, if you notice you are getting a lot of it or more than normal, it is best to have your brakes inspected just in case there is a problem.

As a NAPA AutoCare Center, 3rd Avenue Auto Repair installs premium quality brake pads (and other parts) which carry a nationwide warranty for your peace of miond while traveling. Just one more reason to let our ASE certified technicians repair your brakes. Professional service by certified mechanics and a warranty backed by the biggest name in auto parts, NAPA!

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